How to eat Houttuynia cordata: raw and cooked food?

The Houttuynia grassland is called amaranth and folding roots. It is named because of a strong fishy smell in its fresh leaves. So, what should we eat in the face of such special ingredients? Let's take a look at it.

How to eat in Houttuynia

How to eat Houttuynia cordata: raw and cooked food?

Houttuynia cordata can be eaten raw or cooked, cold, stewed meat, porridge, soup, stir -fried dishes, stir -fried food It can be used for tea. Below is a few ways to eat by Xiaobian:

1. Mix the lettuce, bean sprouts, celery, etc. of Houttuynia cordata, which is delicious and can cure bronchitis;

2. Houttuynia corday stew, which can make the broth more delicious and delicious, cure cough;

3, Houttuynia crooked noodles, which has a clear fire effect;

4. Houttuynia cure porridge can cure heat poisoning;

5. The drying of Houttuynia cordata, drinking tea in summer can be used with tea to quench thirst, but also effectively; The nation likes Houttuynia cordata, and uses Houttuynia cordays, filament, and fried bacon;

7. Houttuynia corday mixes wild green onions, which is a named Lai;

8. Houttuynia cordata can be made into ingredients, Houttuynia cordata, Houttuynia cordata wine, Houttuynia cordata beverages, granules, injections, etc.

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