Half lotus price: Different prices of origin?

In addition to watching the effect of half lotus, there are important medicinal value, so what is the price of half lotus?Let's take a look.

Half lotus price: Different prices of origin?

Half lotus price

Half lotus seed price: 1.5 ~ 2 yuan/100 pieces.

Half lotus seedlings price: 1.5 ~ 5 yuan/tree.

Potted half lotus price: Generally ranging from a few yuan to hundreds of yuan, specifically according to the shape and size of the half lotus itself, it will affect the final price of the half lotus.

Chinese herbal medicine half lotus price: Due to different distribution, half lotus is also different in terms of price.The price range per kilogram is ranging from 12 yuan to 80 yuan. This must be analyzed according to the market where everyone is located, but the price difference will not be too large.

Warm reminder: The above price is for reference only, and the specific price needs to be negotiated with the merchant.

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